[TowerTalk] The ultimate one tower system?

KI7WX@aol.com KI7WX@aol.com
Fri, 17 Dec 1999 22:31:42 EST

Fun thread....

>Ring rotors or swinging gates with HAM series rotors
>can handle the lower C3E's.

Just a quick thought on the swinging gate.  If you don't mind having the 
lower two antennas pointed in the same direction you can mount two "gates" on 
one pipe and save the cost of the third rotor. W6EEN used this approach on 
his 6x6x6 10M array and it works super with a Yaesu 1000SDX.  If I recall 
correctly, Stan is making this "extended" swing gate type of mount available 
for those that don't want to brew thier own.

Put three C3s on a 90 foot tower plus a 2L 40M up top and you'll make a lot 
of Qs at a reasonable cost.  I'm sure the pattern goes to heck for the three 
stack, but you can spray RF in a couple different directions and cover 
different angles which is nice. A three stack of Skyhawks or C19s will do 
better still.  Not exactly "ultimate" anything, but not too shabby and a 
whole lot easier to keep up than the previously mentioned three stack of 
C31XRs or 10 individual monobanders!!!


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