[TowerTalk] what is the experience with F12 dual-band ants and N radios?

George Cutsogeorge w2vjn@rosenet.net
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 16:59:28 -0800

> I might worry about toasting the bandpass filter.

RG-213 costs $0.33 per foot these days.  The bandpass filters out
there for amateur use give a max of 45 to 50 dB isolation and not
even that much between adjacent bands,  You cannot transmit at
the KW level through them.  Cost is about $40 per band.  This
buys a lot of coax.  There is NO burn out problem with RG213 used
for stubs.  A pair of stubs will give 55 to 65 dB isolation.
Three stubs cascaded will give 80 to 100 dB.  Four stubs cascaded
will give over 110 dB, the limit of my measuring equipment.


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