[TowerTalk] TS930 mod

Kurt Andress K7NV@contesting.com
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 07:50:56 -0800

Several questions received about this one.

The mod was actually 3 fold, and different than I remembered from 16
years ago.

1) replace jumper on Q93 with XZ-070 Zener

2) Upgrade PIN diodes D15 - D33 with 1s2588's

3) Install 2 ea 1s2588's, a coil and cap circuit on the RF line to the

Look for Service bulletin #868, Subject: TS-930 Low RX Sensitivity.

This will probably answer the questions best.

Thanks to Bob, AK6R for this info:

All kenwood Amateur Service Bulletins are available at

73, Kurt. K7NV

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