[TowerTalk] MFJ and Hygain

Terry Mitchell terry@qcislands.net
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 15:13:55 -0800

Hi Pete,
Just received my 259B back from MFJ after 4 months and several emails and
calls (that's another story). Enclosed with the analyzer was a new MFJ
catalog with pages 43-48 devoted to Hygain products. I realize it doesn't
mean that they sell Hygain stuff yet but it definitely indicates their
73, Terry, VE7TLL
> Which reminds me -- has anyone received any authoritative information
> whether or when Hygain will resume filling orders for rotators,
> parts?  It's not like MFJ (Martin F. Jue, in this case) to buy a company
> only to take them out of the marketplace, is it?
> 73, Pete Smith N4ZR

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