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Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 11:54:45 -0500

At 11:10 AM 2/4/1999 EST, K7LXC@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 99-02-03 22:45:37 EST, jlangdon@outer.net writes:
>> The other thing the "pros" do is watch the guys both temp as they go up
>>  permanent as they go under the temps and then up to see if the tension is 
>>  reasonably equal (Loos gauge) and the sections are plumb with both sets
>>  guys before the next section goes on and the temps move up to it.
>     Wait a minute. When are you 'moving the temps up'? The sequence for Rohn
>guyed tower of any caliber is to put up 4 sections, attach the permanent
>put up 4 more sections, attach guys, repeat as necessary. This means that you
>can safely climb up to 4 sections of exposed tower. People do it every day.
>     If you are putting in temporary guys in the midst of these 4 section
>erections, then you're doing it for psychological reasons. They really aren't
>necessary. This also adds about twice as much time to do the job. 

I dunno, but on my Rohn 25, I wished I had the temps, particularly when I
was working on attaching the 60-70 feet section with the only set of guys
down at 31 feet.  The long-period sway from just three unguyed sections was
scarey, whether or not it was structurally risky.  

This may be much less evident with Rohn 45 or better.

73,  Pete N4ZR
Loud is good

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