[TowerTalk] temp guys

Dale L. Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 18:05:12 -0600

Talking about putting up unguyed sections above a guyed section
reminded me of a concert I went to many years ago.  Chicago, The
Beach Boys, and a mystery opening band (it turned out to be The
Turtles -- cool!!) played at Rice University stadium.

Intermission entertainment was in the form of some guy climbing
(what looked like) a 120' Rohn tower.  At the top of the tower
was a 20 or 30' mast with handhold/step rings to the top of the
mast.  The guy climbed to the top of the mast.  The 'mast' was
some sort of flexible material (Fiberglas?) which swayed
considerably as he did all sorts of gymnastic things on his
little (12" square?) platform--you know, the stuff we usually do
while waiting for the ground crew to tram the beam up to
you--handstands (both and single hands), standing backflips, etc.

He was lit up by spotlights from the top of the stadium (he was
still much higher than the lights).  He did his little act for
about 15 minutes then climbed back down (darn! I was hoping for a
jump into a water tank!).

At least the music was great.

dale, kg5u

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