[TowerTalk] Center Insulator

Bill Aycock baycock@hiwaay.net
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 08:20:13 -0600

Try the Wireman, Press Jones, N8UG, in Landrum , SC. I got one from him for
a dipole, last fall.  It's a 239, potted into a UV resistant cap, with
screw-eyes and wire leads.

The email address I have for him is:

n8ug@juno.com (Press W Jones)
and the site is :


(standard disclaimers, but, without press, I would be LOST)

Bill- W4BSG

At 12:02 PM 02/26/1999 -0000, you wrote:
>Does anyone sell a good (corrosion resistant) SO-239 to wire pigtail adapter?
>I am looking for a clean way to transition from RG-142 (common mode choke
>balun) to the screw terminals on a 155BA. 
>BTW, this effort is the result of another dead hy-gain BN-86. Only running 
>an Alpha 78! 
>73 de Mike, W4EF............... 
Bill Aycock   ---   Persimmon Hill 
 Woodville, Alabama, US 35776
 (in the N.E. corner of the State)
      W4BSG   --   Grid EM64vr

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