[TowerTalk] Elevated vertical ?

Jim Berry basalop@gte.net
Sat, 3 Jul 1999 23:04:52 -0700

Hi Dan,

I am quite interested in your dilemma, since I have plans of doing very much
the same thing in the future.  I keep reading your message and each time I
read something different into it.  Instead of me trying to figure it all out
while I am typing this, I will ask a question and you can get me going the
right direction.

The antenna mounted on the truck, does have the base mechanically grounded
to the frame of the truck?  Probably a bumper mount or such.  To get a
similar effect with the RV, I would assume you would have the antenna
grounded to the frame of the RV.  This can be accomplished by mounting the
antenna on the bumper or ladder.  I would choose the ladder myself since I
could get the antenn higher in the air.

I would go as far as rolling out chicken wire under the RV that is grounded
to the frame/bumper of the RV.

What kind of throws me is that you say you have radials attached to the
vertical on the RV.  Regardless of whether the mast is insulated or not, the
radials should really be doing the job.  In fact, from all I am able to
surmise, the antenna on the RV should work better.  Apparently they are not.

My suggestion is to ground the whole affair to the RV chassis.  Disconnect
the radials, though I be dinged as to why they are not doing their job.

I was going to use the chicken wire trick whether the RV was aluminum or

Again, I am very interested in the results and comments from others also.

73 Jim K7SLI

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