[TowerTalk] "REFLECTIONS," by W2DU

n8ug@juno.com n8ug@juno.com
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 11:58:10 -0400

Good news for everyone that's been waiting for the 2nd edition of Walt's
great book. It's 95% done and will be out by years end!
Check the details on the "WIRELINE"
Press Jones, N8UG, The Wireman, Inc., Landrum, SC, 29356
Sales (800)727-WIRE(9473) or  orders@thewireman.com
Tech help (864)895-4195 or  n8ug@thewireman.com
http://www.thewireman.com  and the WIRELINE news and 
bargain page
Our 22nd year!

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