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Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr@radio.org
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 12:04:15 -0400

On 7/9/99 10:39, Ted Sarah at w8tts@gwis.com wrote:

>I currently have my R7000 mounted on the roof of the house (20' above
>ground).  I want to try and ground mount it, to see if the performance
>improves (no complaint on current performance, gets into Europe when
>nothing else will).  Was wondering if anyone else has moved from an
>elevated mounting to a ground mounting?  If so what did you find in
>performance changes?  How high off the ground is the antenna mounted?

Art ( the fellow who designed this antenna ), once e-mailed me that the 
R7000 was designed to be mounted at about 18 feet, and the mounting the 
antenna at heights below 8 feet is certainly not recommended.

Seems like you have the antenna at the optimum height. Which variant do 
you have? Is yours the pre-98, with the two 12" BD tubes, or the 8/98 and 
later version with the single 5" BD tube? The later version has two 
redesigned traps and supposedly works better, although exact information 
on the change is somewhat sketchy.

Earlier owners can upgrade to the latest design with the R7000TFK. It 
isn't in their catalog or dealer literature, but they apparently sell 
this kit. My theory is that "TFK" stands for "Trap Fix Kit." Cushcraft 
tells me the kit is $110, plus $7 shipping. I haven't been in contact 
with a R7000 owner who didn't get a TFK for free, though.

If you have any information on the 8/98 R7000 or the TFK, please contact 
me, I'd like to hear your experience.

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