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In a message dated 99-04-27 07:59:34 EDT, tomnxa@nb.net writes:

> I may get some flack from what I'm about to say, but I just want to let you
>  know a little about the Mosley Pro 67C. I know LXC suggested checking out
>  the "Tribander Test" booklet, but you will not find any info in it re: the
>  Pro 67C. They couldn't even test the Pro 77 since it was "defective" and in
>  my opinion, not as good an antenna as the Pro 67C. Interesting though that
>  Steve mentioned they tested the Pro57 and if your headed to Dayton, you'll
>  get to hear about the latest tests. I guess there will be another edition 
>  test results for the antennas tested. 

       A little clarification. In our current tribander comparison report, we 
tested a Mosley PRO-77 (the PRO-77 was in my boneyard and was handy). Our 
comment was that the Mosley "underperformed" the competition. We heard that 
Mosely claimed that the PRO-77 was intended for 'export' and was a 
'listening' antenna so shouldn't have been used in our test. So we deferred 
and included the test data sets but didn't include it in any of the summaries 
or tables.  

    The PRO-77 is in a 1997 catalog that I have in my files and can be 
ordered so it's available and I'm sure there are hams that are transmitting 
with it. It was not "defective".

     We sent Mosley a nice letter offering to have them submit an antenna to 
us for testing but we never heard back from them.

     This year we tested a PRO-57 and it will be included in the upcoming 
second edition of the tribander comparison report. Also tested the C31XR and 
X-9. Details available at the Dayton Antenna Forum and reports available at 
the Champion Radio Products booth. 

Cheers,  Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products

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