[TowerTalk] A Different Take On Guy Wires?

Joe Subich, W8IK/4 W8IK@ibm.net
Sun, 2 May 1999 13:06:10 -0400

> On a related thread would not just one set of 1/4" EHS guys at the 40'
> level be sufficient for a modest tribander type of installation?
> Which would be better in that case, a pier pin base or solid concrete?
> This would then negate the need for easy to damage Phillystran and
> possibly even guy insulators. In Florida having everything grounded 6
> ways to Sunday seems a wise move.

Most, if not all, of Florida is 100 MPH or 110 MPH territory.  I would 
not consider leaving 20' of Rohn 45 above the guy point even with a 
small tribander (C-3, TH3, TA33, A3, etc.).  Such an installation would 
be "pushing the envelope" for the tower strength at the guy attachment, 
the base, and in the middle of the lower span.    

   ... Joe Subich, W8IK/4  ex-AD8I

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