[TowerTalk] Re: Rohn 45 Self Supporting Tower

notawc@juno.com notawc@juno.com
Sun, 2 May 1999 18:04:09 -0400

But you said absolutely nothing about the guy specs. What do you use? It
sounds as if the tower was not the issue.
Poor masting will aways bend when least expected like during a contest.

On Sun, 02 May 1999 20:05:23 +0000 N5RP <perring@texas.net> writes:
> Just for the record, I have had 65' of Rohn 45 with a  6 element 
> tri-bander
> and a 2 element Hy-Gain 40 meter Yagi installed in two locations.
> The first installation in New Orleans went through 2 hurricanes of 
> rather
> significant force, and the same combination later went through 
> another
> hurricane in Houston.
> No damage occurred in any of these mother nature challenges.
> I would estimate winds, in all cases, to have exceeded 80 mph.
> A fourth major blow occurred later on, when a tornado came though 
> Houston
> and completely demolished my 22' mast which was of less than proper 
> strength.
> Wind bursts, in this case,,,, who knows??
> This same tornado wind did destroy a 50' windmill tower about 3 
> miles away
> from my house. I presume it took the main funnel as a part of it's 
> demise.
> Although I now have the tower properly guyed, the fact of the matter 
> is,
> the above installation(s) survived quite well on all occasions. 
> I hasten to add that I don't recommend this as a proper installation
> technique, but it is actual testimony to a tried and true field test 
> of
> epic proportions.
> In other words, I've run the test, and you can now use this 
> information as
> fact when it might come to your wondering about how stout is 60'-65' 
> of
> Rohn 45 tower. 
> N5RP 

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