[TowerTalk] Securing cables to trees

K7FL k7fl@ashworth.org
Sun, 02 May 1999 17:02:15 -0700

I have a 70 foot length of RG8, and an RG58 sized switch control cable,
that I need to dress and secure to a tree trunk. The intent is to prevent
the cables from blowing in the wind, while providing some measure of strain
relief. I have used a double-nail clamp arrangement in the past, but as the
clamp was made of plastic, the life was only a year or two. Ideally, the
common U shaped metal fasteners used to secure house electrical wiring
would be used, but the length of the nail portion is insufficient to go
through thick bark and into the wood.

Any suggestions?
Dennis, K7FL

Dennis Ashworth, K7FL
Battle Ground, WA  USA

Team Pantelleria - IH9P - African Italy - CQWW DX SSB

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