[TowerTalk] Coax suggestion

John Cramond john@gm4nhi.demon.co.uk
Tue, 4 May 1999 12:35:52 +0100

In message <372E1D37.302E2C52@isoc.net>, Russ Connors <aa2gs@isoc.net>
>Looking for a suggestion for a good coax type to connect  my KT-34A to
>remote antenna switch. The cable will need to be abt 80 ft. I've used
>4XL but it seems I always end up w/ water in it. I've been reading the
>numerous posts on sealing up the the connector...maybe someone can give
>me the Readers Digest version again...sure some others could use the
>advice. You newbies out there....just wait til there's a contest or good
>DX  and your SWR goes to pot. You diconnect the cable from the antenna,
>turn it up side down and water a gallon of water flow out of it.
>BTW...this brings up another question...Is the coax/water pipe ever
>usable again as a transmission line? Can you dump the water out and
>leave it out in the sun to supposedly dry and be all set??
>Dumb questions but that's as good as I can do right now.
Hi Russ,

For many years now, I have used a repair compound that is sold for
repairing tears in fish pond liners! You should be able to get it at any
shop that deals with fish and pond liners. It is sold by the foot and
comes in a flat strip two inches wide. It is like a black mastic and is
easily formed around the connector with the fingers. I have never had
water in a cable since I started using this stuff. This includes on
repeater feeders 1,000 feet A.S.L. Seems to have no adverse effect on
the cable sheath and by may way of thinking, if it can keep water in a
pond, it will keep water out of a cable. Works for me anyway.
John Cramond - GM4NHI
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