[TowerTalk] Galvanized Masts

Arne Gjerning gjerning@centurion.flash.net
Wed, 05 May 1999 00:28:46 -0700

Jeff N0DY awked about galvanized masts.

Hot dip or electoplated galvanizing is INDEED the prefered coating for 
maximum protection form weather.

However in drier climates an effective coating can be obtained using 
Zinc-Rich Cold Galvanizing Compound. I use such a coating made by SPRAYON 
(Model 740). It is 97% pure Zinc and I buy it in spray cans.

I find this product at a local welding supply dealer and usually keep a 
few cans on hand for use.

However, here in Albuquerque, NM area its fairly dry (9" rain/yr) and 
this method is quite effective. Wetter claimates would fair not as well.

I would chose Jeff's # choice just on the strenght of mast alone. Another 
choice is Productivity Resources (702)847-7929 <TomK5RC@aol.com>. Or buy 
Choice #2 and find a source nearby that can do the galvanizing.

Again STRENGHT is my first consideration in a mast.

Arne N7KA
New Mexico

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