[TowerTalk] Field Day es Connector Sealing

George Claussen georgec@seanet.com
Thu, 06 May 1999 03:42:08 +0000

Howdy from the swamp. I surely don't want to re-awaken past threads,
but I stumbled across some material which might make life a bit simpler,
cheaper and easier for Field Day. In most parts of the country, FD means
fun and frolic, but in the rain, hail and sometimes snow. (Wanna see my
photo's?) Anyway, for very cheap coax connector sealer, I found a roll of
what is called "Mobile Home Putty Tape", 3/4" X 30 feet, for $3.69.
It is brown, not black, and not quite as sticky feeling to the fingers as
the horrid stuff we are used to using. However, it applies the same, and for
temporary FD use just might save that piece of coax. One wrap of vinyl tape
over the connector then a layer of this stuff, will last the weekend and be
easily removeable. I found this stuff at my local hardware store, and it is
manufactured by "United States Hardware Manufacturing Inc", Washington, PA.
The bubble-pack backing cardboard has printed on it "order #R-010B".
I DO NOT recommend this material for permament installations, at least until
I see how it does here after months of the driven salt-spray laden rain.
73 es see u all in FD...de George, N7GC, Grayland, Washington

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