[TowerTalk] Mounting the OR-2800 in Rohn 25?

Michael Tope W4EF@pacbell.net
Wed, 5 May 1999 10:31:49 -0700

I am trying to figure out how in the heck to get an M2 Orion 2800 "positioner" into 
Rohn 25. The 2800 has a triangular cross section which lends itself to fit inside a
"rungless" portion of 25G such as found in the various types of 25G top sections. 
Unfortunately, I would like to place the rotator well below the top of the tower (10 - 
12 feet) to minimize the lever arm effect of the long mast outside the tower working 
against a short piece inside the tower. 

One option appears to be to utilize the gaps in the Z-bracing created by the section 
junctions. In this case, the AS25G rotator plate would be mounted just below the 
section junction junction (immediately above the highest set of horizontal rungs on 
the section below the joint). 

Since the gap created by section joint isn't quite big enough to accomodate the 
rotator, I would either have to cut the horizontal rungs just above the junction 
(lowest set of horizontal rungs on the section above the junction), or somehow 
increase the spacing between two sections using somekind of spacer tubes. 
An extra six inches (plus overlap) of straight tubes with no bracing would create 
more than enough room for the rotator, and would make servicing very easy.

Does anyone know if Rohn makes spacers like that I could use to open a gap in 
the bracing, or should I sharpen my hacksaw? This spacers would need to be a six 
to eight inch piece of 25G leg material with a standard Rohn 25 swage on one end, 
no taper on the other, and holes for 25G leg bolts on each end. 

Thanks again.

Mike, W4EF.................   

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