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Jim wrote:
> You assume that just because it is used for commercial purposes that a
> professional did the install  ???
> Bad assumption !!
> 73 !
> Jim W7RY
> Motrola FTR (Field Technical Rep)
> 21 years experience in the 2-way field
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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Hams smarter than commercial installers?
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> >Hi Guys,
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> >I noticed the other day the installation of a UHF beam on the building of a
> >taxi company.
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> >Two No-Nos:  The connectors were not sealed, and the the coax had a sharp
> >180 degree bend (pinched loop).
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Not necessarily so.  Only some of the bad ones.  As a ham I have seen
some work I would not have done.  We have a site on a water tank that we
installed 30' of rohn 25G with a SS 3 poing monut (4th in center) for
our antennas.  It has folding arms to gain access to the antennas that
makes the "commercial" 4 bay folded dipole antenna installation for the
town look like a kid did it. 
It sits off at 15 to 20 degrees from vertical and the 1/2" heliax that
has been installed has several bad pinches in it.  Got to have some
"bumps" for the siginal.  Oh we used 1 5/8" hard line on ours for 2M,
220, and 440 ... they are on 440.

I agree however with you Jim this is not what the industry wants or
likes to see ... but it happens more often than commercial installers
would like.  I know of several other groups in the area that would have
done much better work ... but the job was a bid contract and guess what
... "You get what you pay for!"  

We have volunteered to help the town "Get it right" when they are ready
to shut the system off.  They are getting adequate coverage now but it
just does not look good.  I'm sure from what Jim said that he would
never let such an installation go that way.  

We have several radio shops around here that have been on the "Inside"
for a number of years and really don't have to produce like someone
trying to get their foot in the door so to speak.  I only wish we had
someone in this area that would be like Jim seems to be.  

Thanks Jim for speaking up maybe more of the others will read this and
try to have the "professionalism" you have.

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