[TowerTalk] tower climber fees?

AD4TR@aol.com AD4TR@aol.com
Sat, 8 May 1999 08:26:52 EDT

   I own a landscape maintenance business. Before you charge this fellow take 
a look at his side of the coin. The average landscape maintenance guy pulls 
up to your house with $30 to 50 thousand dollars worth of truck and 
equipment. Due to the competitive nature of the business, we are trying to be 
efficient while also trying to get the jobs done in a timely matter. When you 
pull up and have to take time out to pick up childrens toys, garden hoses, 
lawn furniture, and other things people would not like to have destroyed, not 
to mention the lawns that house animals that we must dodge their markings. If 
these people would be a little more considerate and pick after them selves 
and try to mark things that are very hard to see in the bright sun, it would 
make our jobs run a lot smoother. Believe me when we come we are not trying 
to cut anything but the lawn and the bushes.

    Martin ad4tr 

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