[TowerTalk] Mounting in the tower

Shane Dugas shane@eatel.net
Sat, 8 May 1999 14:47:21 -0500 (CDT)

At 12:00 PM 5/8/99 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 99-05-08 11:48:34 EDT, you write:
>> Thats what I needed to know.  Now...where does thrust bearing number 2 go?
>>  It's got to go somewhere in between in the middle of the section.  Are 
>>  braces cut or is there something I'm missing?
>        Personally I wouldn't worry about the second TB. One at the top is 
>plenty for 25G. The mast can move a little bit and rest up against the sides 
>of the section without upsetting anything. When you've got a *big* mast and 
>*big* stack in 45G, the 2nd TB becomes a little more important. 
>Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC

Well I only have a 10 foot mast pipe and I want to put a small vhf beam on
top with the HF beam on the bottom.  The problem with the top section that I
have is that the rotor plate is only about 12 inches inside the tower.  I
was looking to put 5-6 feet sticking out of the top.  I only have a 4
element hf beam to put up there but I have a small HD73 to rotate it.  I'm
sure I'll have to service it one day so I'm trying to make provisions for
that just to make it easier.  I might be a little more comfortable with a
tapered top section but if I only have +/- 12 inches in the top of the
bas25g section and I pull the rotor out, by the time the mast rests on the
inside tower legs, well,..its all over with then.  I have one TB3 and two
other self aligning (pillow block) TB with the same dimensions of the TB3
(much cheaper than TB3) that I bought just in case I needed them so the TB
aren't really an issue.

what to do...what to do...

Shane Dugas             
Prairieville, LA        

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