[TowerTalk] Defective Rohn tower

thompson@mindspring.com thompson@mindspring.com
Sat, 8 May 1999 19:11:53 -0400

Tichard K5NA had this to say about Rohn:
>Rohn Tower quality seems to have suffered a lot over the past few years.
>Last fall I received thirty-nine 45G tower sections that were shipped
>direct from the factory. Of those thirty-nine tower sections, nine were
Tri-EX made the T-15 and T-20 in the eighties.   These could be used for 25
and 45 replacements.  And 15" versus 12.5" and 20" versus 18".   They were
priced at Rohn prices then and the T-20 could be used in the "Clement"
tower, the first rotating tower.
Hopefully Force 12 will sell them.  What say guys??

Dave K4JRB

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