[TowerTalk] How to tell if crank up cable needs replacement

rick@area.com rick@area.com
9 May 1999 00:44:14 -0000

I have a 15 year old crank up tubular mast.  I rarely crank it up; it has problaby been cranked up and down only a few dozen times in the 15 years.  The 
cable (at least the part I can see) has absolutely no visible rust.  Is
there some reason I should expect to have to replace it simply because of
age?  I am debating disassembling the tower to inspect the whole cable
but is there any reason to think that the hidden part is going to be 
different than the visible part?  I can crank it all the way up and 
see most of the cable with binoculars.

Rick Karlquist N6RK

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