[TowerTalk] Mounting in the tower

Gary McDuffie, Sr. mcduffie@scottsbluff.net
Sun, 09 May 1999 06:56:20 -0600

On Sat, 08 May 1999 23:03:21 -0700, Kurt Andress wrote:

> We may whine about the fact that the Rohn rotor plates only fit at one of two
> places in the top section. I wished they only fit at one place, the lower one,
> to prevent people from putting the rotor way up at the top of the tower!

> Common sense should lead all of us to the same conclusion:

> We put a bunch of mast and antenna loads above the tower top, and then expect
> to counteract them with a very short couple, over 12" at the top of the tower?

This whole situation bothers me about my "new" HG54HD also.  I look at
the mounting position of the rotor and wonder why it isn't further down
inside the top section.  Has anyone successfully moved one down on this
tower?  I've got the thrust bearing, but in my mind, the rotor needs to
be several feet lower, even for a short mast, a tri-bander, and a vhf

Gary - AGØN
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