[TowerTalk] Light Bulb Antenna

Dave Jordan wa3gin@erols.com
Sun, 09 May 1999 18:32:21 -0400

Hi Folks,

This morning I was watching HGTV with the XYL and the TV folks where
a tour of  the house of the future.

There is a new light bulb of the future coming our way.  The base of the
screw in
bulb has a coil of wire sitting above it about and inch or two.
Looked like about 20 turns of #16.  The coil is not in a vacuum.
The coil is covered with a shell of glass, like a kerosene lantern
The coil is excited with RF which causes the phosphor coating in the
globe to
glow brightly.  Apparently, the globe is a double wall affair with the
coating being ina vacuum. The claim is the bulb uses 25% less energy to
produce the
equivalent amount of incandescent lumens. They showed  a person slowing
placing the hollow globe over the coil and as the glass began to cover
the coil
it began to glow.

Does anyone know what frequency these fixtures operate on or the amount
of RF that is radiated, etc.?

It all reminded me of the time when I was a kid and had a 3 element 10m
on my dads roof and how when I got on the air the lights in the attic
flicker on voice peaks...I'm not looking forward to the possible
these new light bulbs might  produce or perhaps the interference
I'm going to produce when half my neighborhood's lights start
to flicker every time I run a KW on 20meters.

HAVE FUN....while it lasts,

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