[TowerTalk] Chromemoly Mast

DavidC davidc@bit-net.com
Tue, 11 May 1999 17:12:14 -0400

> If any of you are dealers for ChromeMoly mast and are going to Dayton,
> please email me privately Especially if you will have product with you
> and/or are willing to bring an order to Dayton for me. My getting it home
> is no problem as I live abt 1.5 hrs from Hara Arena.
> -73-
> Jerry N9TU

I'll second that!  I have a neighbor who is driving to Dayton with
a long van and he could bring my mast home for me ... lemme
know, please ... unless there is a dealer in the Central Florida, in
which case I will wait until we move ... unless there will be a big
Dayton discount!  Got a nice (and cheap) Rohn 45g tower that is
traveling to FL with me and which is asking for a strong 20' mast!
Thanks!  K1YP

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