Joel k2qbv@cyburban.com
Tue, 11 May 1999 21:29:27 -0400

Dear Tom,
Sorry about that but trying to set up and get ready two booths for Dayton is
not that easy.

The BIG BOY rotator (not boy boy,I typed a little too fast last time) will be
on the FIRST CALL  website  probably Thursday morning.  When you connect,
look at the side links for BIG BOY/COMMERCIAL ROTORS. The First Call site
is    firstcallcom.net.

Thanks for your interest..

Joel, K2QBV
First Call Communications,Inc

Tom Hammond wrote:

> Joel:
> Might help us to FIND the BOY BOY page, if you gave us an URL
> to go to as well???
> 73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS
> >First Call Communications will be running HAMVENTION special pricing for
> >US TOWER CORPORATION at booth 526 in Dayton next to the Yaesu booth  We
> >have been working on this for a while and well worth your stopping by if
> >your in the market for a tower (or rotator)..  Also being introduced at
> >Hamvention is BOY BOY, a new series
> >of commercial rotors allowing for UP TO 81 sq. ft. of antenna.
> >Commercial rotators now available at amateur prices......The new webpage
> >covering BIG BOY rotors will be
> >put up on the website on MONDAY.
> >
> >See you at Dayton,
> >Joel,K2QBV
> >
> >First Call  Communications,Inc.
> >Toll free  800 HAMTOWER (800 426 8693)
> >
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