Steve Zettel zettel@homer.libby.org
Wed, 12 May 1999 17:23:34 -0600

>Any advice on the problem of routing cables above the top of a Rohn
>25AG4 top section when the first antenna boom (of the stack) is within
>12 inches above the flat top tower section? As the mast rotates (450
>degrees with a Yaesu rotor) the cables tend to rub on the top guys with
>very little space in the gap between the top guys and lowest antenna

I have a Rohn 45G with the flattop and to prevent chafing I use split pipe
insulation to encase the loops coming from the three antennas on the mast
(2M vertical, 40-2CD and C3E). I use enough slack coax to form a mostly
horizontal loop which rests on top of the flattop and only gets larger or
smaller in diameter when the rotator turns through it' 450 degree turn
(Yaesu here also). The pipe insulation slowly degrades in the weather and
UV, but since I check everything from top to bottom on my tower at least
twice a year, I just replace as necessary. Flexible hose, old garden hose,
or a variety of creative chaffing protection could also be used, and would
probably be more UV resistant, but I had the extra pipe insulation at hand.
. .

Good luck,

Steve Zettel

near Libby, MT USA

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