[TowerTalk] VHF Simplex Help needed

Mike Nash, ND6A no6x@inreach.com
Thu, 13 May 1999 22:48:15 -0700

This may or may not be considered proper discussion for this reflector, but
I figured with the mass of knowledge on here maybe I could get some help.
I was presented with a problem today, which I think I can solve, however
was looking for info from somone else that may have done something
similiar, and has a better plan.

The Problem: A new building built to house inmates is in the need of some
type of radio system.

The scenario: Building is all concrete, steel and rebar, and handheld
operation is desired from anywhere to anywhere in the building. VHF on a
simplex channel is about the only way we can go.

My solution: A combination of passive radiators, and Radi-ax. The passive
radiators on each of the housing units, and Radi-ax running through the
floors and ceilings in Administration areas.

Anyone, have a better idea, or maybe someone can steer me in the direction
of a reflector more suited for this discussion.


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