[TowerTalk] CATV hardline

Steve Maki steve@oakcom.com
Tue, 18 May 1999 20:04:39 -0400

Tom Rauch wrote:
> Does anyone know a reliable source for CATV hardline in long
> lengths at a reasonable (cheep) price?
> I need three 1800 foot lengths. I'd like to avoid multiple splices.
> What does a 5000 foot reel of new 1/2 inch 75 ohm cable cost,
> anyone have any idea?

1/2" jacketed runs around .35/ft. plus shipping, and reels average

Telewire (now part of Antec) is a good supplier.  I'm not sure
if they sell to non-accounts; I'd be happy to have some dropped
shipped if you like.

73, Steve K8LX

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