[TowerTalk] Best source for Andrew LDF4-50A connectors

DavisRFinc@aol.com DavisRFinc@aol.com
Fri, 21 May 1999 00:55:08 EDT

Hi Dick,  We sell various hard line connectors, Andrews, Times, RFS and also 
we have custom made, by our engineer, low cost, commercial grad HL connectors 
made to fit almost any size cable. As far as I can tell, we have the best 
prices, and also a low cost custom alternative.
 The LDF 4-50A, 1/2" Heliax male N connector LISTS for 31.70, we sell them 
wholesale to commercial and hams for $ 25.79 (male or Female) .  The UHF  
LISTS for $ 28.20 and sells for 22.93.
Our custom made , polished brass, compressin fitting types sell for $8.50 for 
the N males and $ 7.50 for the UHF males.   If I can be of any further help, 
just let me know.   73,  Stev Davis, K1PEk, DAVIS RF Co.
DAVIS RF Co., commercial wire and cable, custom cable design.  Discounts to 
hams.  Heliax, LMR, RFS, Belden, Poly Phaser Lightning Protection Devices.  
Various aerial wiring; transmission lines, insulators, baluns, RF connectors 
and Dacron rope.  www.davisRF.com .  1-800-328-4773, (For all RF hardline 
related items, please ask for Steve Davis)   Thank you!
"The Triad":  Davis RF Co.; Orion Wire Corp.; and The Wire Man, Inc.:  
Variegated expertise; resources and buying power yielding numerous quality 
products at highly competitive pricing.

In a message dated 5/20/99 11:09:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
rlust@madison.tds.net writes:

<< Anyone have a good, reasonably priced, dependable source for Andrew
 #LDF4-50A hardline connectors??
 Dick, K9APW, Since 1960,
 Madison, WI >>

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