Marc Wullaert on4ma@village.uunet.be
Sun, 23 May 1999 12:04:51 +0200

HI TT's,

In couple of monts a new cellular telephone company (1800 mhz) will build a
40m lattice
tower on my property in place of my 24m existing tower.

I was using my 24m tower shuntfed for 160m and on top there where also 3
slopers for 80m.

Now with  40m tower shuntfed will be nill because of my on top installation
of a kt34xa 
and a 40cd2 (40m 2ele shorty).Total heigt will be some 47m .

There will be 6 antennas on 37m for the gsm company and down at 36m 3x
2mbit links (60cm parobols).

Is it still possible to use 1/4 sloper antennas on this tower.Braid of coax
is connected
at the tower.Or will this  interfering whit the gsm system.

Power here will be 1kw.They use 10watt output  on 1800mhz.

PSE answers or tips direct to me.


Marc on4ma

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