[TowerTalk] Traps

Gary McDuffie, Sr. mcduffie@scottsbluff.net
Wed, 26 May 1999 09:14:21 -0600

On Wed, 26 May 1999 07:33:51 -0700, David Padrick wrote:

> W2AU (Unadilla) makes traps for dipoles.

Can't recommend them at all.  Have had several sets and they all have
the same problem.  The plastic shrinks and cracks, leaving the outside
wound wire falling off.  Several attempts to have them replaced were met
with the same results.  Spent several years trying to get them to fix
the design problem with no results.  I have a new pair in the closet
that will never see the light of day.  An old dipole with 40m traps in
it hangs on the fence, rolled up, plastic broken and wire falling off of
it.     Don't waste your money.

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