[TowerTalk] Tower Mast question

Paul Hicks, VE3BBH / VE3ZT ve3bbh@interlog.com
Wed, 26 May 1999 22:35:49 -0400

Hi Steve,

Check out US Tower's advertisement in May, QST (and perhaps other months).
They have a full page of prices for towers, antennas, masts, coax, Phily,
etc. I remember seeing prices for various lengths/diameters of masts (up to
20 feet long). It's about 4 pages in from the back cover. Most other
dealers' ads say to phone for prices or send blank checks and they'll fill
in the blanks for you.

73, Paul.

At 09:15 PM 5/25/99 -0700, you wrote:
>A quick question for the group...
>Does anyone know a good source for chrome-moly masts? I'm looking
>for a 2" O.D. by 1/4" wall chrome-moly mast? I'd like to find a
>mast that was already galvanized rather than take raw stock and
>have it galvanized myself.
>Has anyone else found such a ham radio resource?
>Thanks and 73...
>Steve, KQ6ZC

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