[TowerTalk] Trip and visits

Bob Perring perring@texas.net
Fri, 28 May 1999 10:03:29 -0500

Hello List People,

Mary Beth and I travel a great deal all around the world, and have enjoyed
many wonderful experiences visiting others in many foreign lands.
Generally, the thread for opening the doors to so many wonderful
friendships has been my ongoing pursuit of my amateur radio hobby for the
past 25 years. The VW bus has played a role in making friends, as well.
I'm sure we all know how that works.

Next year, Mary Beth and I will travel Europe for 5-6 months, driving
Maizey as our home and vehicle.

This year, "stuff" has prevented us from travelling very much, so we are
making a salvage trip, starting in a few weeks.

I will have UHF ham radio in the bus, and will have HF amateur radio in
the bus.

Mary Beth and I will be looking to see the sights, meet new people, and
enjoy the drama of the gypsy life.

We will be travelling, as follows, starting the last week of

I depart Houston to S.F. via I-10, Rout 66, etc.
Meet wife at San Fran airport.
Put wife in bus.
Drive Oregon and Washington coast during first week of July.
Put wife on airplane in Seattle.
Let wife fly home.
I drive back to Texas via Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, on down
towards home.
I plan on the return leg taking about a month.

We would welcome the fun of meeting new people, as opportunities might
make such visits possible.

You can see who we are by going to our web page.

Bob in Houston
|    _        | _  |]
Maizey, the Magical Mystery Tour
Casper, der freundliche Bus 

C. Robert Perring
Consultant to Technology ATD3
12715 Westmere
Houston, Texas 77077
tele:(281) 493-5780
fax: (281) 493-5780

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