Joel k2qbv@cyburban.com
Sun, 30 May 1999 14:31:07 -0400

I believe this announcement of a new worm gear rotator line would be of
some interest over this long week end.

After months of  negotiations,we are setting up a north american sales
office  for Prosistel, makers of BIG BOY ROTATOR out of Europe.. The BIG
BOY family  of  rotors consists of six different models each using
advanced worm gear technology and specifications far in excess of
anything presently being sold in the U.S.   The top of the line rotor (
PST 71) can handle an amazing 81 sq. ft. of antenna for those 80 meter
beams and stacked arrrays.

Complete specifications,pictures and introductory pricing can be found
on a temporary link (under Big Boy) from our FIRST CALL web page.

Good holiday weekend to all.

Joel, K2QBV

Toll free 800 426 8693
e mail  firstcall@cyburban.com

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