[TowerTalk] Easy method of digging

Chuck Sudds csudds@probe.net
Mon, 31 May 1999 11:38:52 -0500

>Dave KG7EW, writes:
>I will very soon be digging a hole  7 feet X 3.5 feet X 3.5 
>feet in my back yard to install my self-supporting crankup 
>tower.  I have checked out several options to do this and 
>here are the basic options.

I guess I lucked out! When I was getting ready to install my new tower (90ft
Rohn 45G) I had a son that had just gotten out of the Marine Corps and
wanted to earn a few extra bucks!  I pointed him in the right direction,
told him that I wanted the hole 4ft x 4ft and over his head!  He never even
flinched <G>! Guess the Marines had taught him well because in less than 4
hours, he had a perfect hole dug and had also hauled away all of the dirt
via wheel-barrel! All this with just a spade, shovel and 3-pound coffee can!
BTW, he hit water at the 7ft level so everything here in Iowa is well grounded.

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