[TowerTalk] Easy method of digging

Jim Idelson jimi@designet.com
Mon, 31 May 1999 14:43:29 -0400

This is tricky business.

I did all the digging with a few friends. We ended up with holes exactly
as we wanted them. But, It wasn't easy - and I'm still paying for it.

New England soil is filled with surprises. Lotsa rocks - some of 'em
pretty big. I have one standard base hole with a couple of boulders
sticking out of the walls of the hole. I have one guy anchor directly in
an outcropping of ledge [drilled 42 inches with a large compressor and
rock drill. A second anchor went according to plan - dug it out and
filled with concrete. The final anchor was the bear - we hit a large
boulder at two feet, and had to break it up with the compressor/jack
hammer combination.

I spent a total of about $600 on the holes. Remember, I said I'm still
paying, though. I was not in very good shape when I embarked on this
tower journey, and now I'm seeing the orthopedic guy and getting
physical therapy for a bad shoulder which got that way some where in
this digging process.

Bottom line - pay the experts to do it right with the right equipment.

Jim K1IR

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