[TowerTalk] Rohn 25 Brackets - Specs? Experiences?

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Mon, 1 Nov 1999 10:41:19 EST

In a message dated 99-10-27 15:46:40 EDT, aa4lr@radio.org writes:

>  I have access to a Rohn catalog, but it gives precious little information 
>  about the three types of brackets available:

      You need a newer catalog. All of them are illustrated in the latest 
version (which is available from http://www.championradio.com).

> * HB25 - three models with 15", 24" and 30" maximum spacing. The picture 
>  of the 15" brackets looks a little wimpy to me. There's no data on the 
>  24" or 30" units.
       It's the same bracket with longer arms. Wimpy? Well, it IS for 25G so 
it's not too brute.

>  * HBU - the universial house bracket, looks larger, and is built from 
>  angle steel and not flat straps. More substantial. Goes to 30" from wall.
>  * HBUTVRO - the heavy duty version of the HBU. This one has cross-bracing 
>  of the sway braces. The name implies it was intended for big TVRO 
>  satellite dishes. Goes to 36" from wall.
>  Does anyone have experience with these? There are no drawings in the 
>  catalog. What is the span of the wall plate on each, how many bolt holes 
>  are there and what is their spacing? 
       These are "universal" brackets, that is - they're drilled for 25G and 
45/55G. My decision of which one to use has to do with how much distance from 
the wall is needed. If I need more than 36" (and sometimes I do), then I use 
2x4 spacers at the wall.

      The 25G versions are fine but the other ones are more heavy duty. They 
are HEAVY so if you think you need them - go nuts. 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products

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