[TowerTalk] tower going up soon

M Goins mgoins@usa.net
2 Nov 99 21:14:14 America/Fort_Wayne

Thanks to all for the help with leads on towers for sale. 
After looking at a fair amount of tower in all sorts of shape, I purchased a
very clean US Tower MA550 (55footer) with the rotor base plate and the
tiltover assembly. It has a stub mast welded to it and with the slightly
elevated base I will have about 60 feet in the air. 
Now comes the hard part. 
Would like to hear from anyone who has put one of these up regarding base,
peculiarities, things to watch out for, etc. Also anyone who has ever replaced
the cable as I'm planning to replace the main cable before putting it up. I
will be putting a 2 el quad on it and I'm really looking forward to being able
to work on antennas from the ground from now on.
Thanks in advance.  

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