[TowerTalk] Another Loop Skywire Question

Gary McDuffie, Sr. mcduffie@scottsbluff.net
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 08:53:33 -0700

This question brought zero response in rec.radio.amateur.antenna, so
I'll present it here, especially since I'm running out of time to make a
decision on pole positioning.  One pole will be set tomorrow, in
conjunction with another project.

I've long been planning a loop or two on the property and I'm getting
close to getting one up.  I can't do much about it, but I'm wondering
what the effect of being parallel to power lines is going to be.  I'll
be at about the same height and almost perfectly parallel for two of the
sides with the closest being "across the road" distance from the single
phase high voltage (not sure how much) power line.  I never gave this
much thought before, but am now wondering about it.  Induced current and
noise pickup are the obvious worries.  The loop will be for 160m with
about 143' per side.

As I sit here thinking about this, I'm wondering just how much might be
induced into the loop.  If I'm on a pole and get between the loop and
the ground wire running up the pole (each will have one), am I likely to
get kicked some?  Obviously, if that is the case, a shorting lead can be
used, but what happens when the loop is hooked to equipment?  I'm
planning a balun feed near a corner and a long (400+ feet) run to the
shack via a switching box.  The box will switch a low loss line from the
loop to other antennas in the area.

Unfortunately, the lay of the land doesn't give me the option of putting
a corner closest to the line, or I would for other reasons also.  The
strip of land is too narrow to rotate the square very much.  Am I right
in assuming both noise and induction coupling would be lessened by
putting the point of the square closest to the power line?  Or would
putting a side closest have some hidden benefit (putting the other two
sides perpendicular to the power line)?

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