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> Anybody know a good way to get concrete off of the truck and into my
> backyard?
> Back of the house is 60' from the street, have a maximum of 6'(more like
> 5 usable) off property on each side of the house.

When I poured mine, I had about the same problem, 75-100 feet from the street 
to contend with, hilly slope that a concrete couldn't (or wouldn't navigatye, 
etc).  Pump truck was an option, but they wanted some high price and a minimum 
of 10 yards to pump before they came around.

My solution was a Georgia Buggy.  It's a basically "motorized wheelborrow" and 
that's its purpose in life, to move concrete to those hard to get to places.  I 
rented one from the local "A-1 Rent-all" joint for 55 bucks all-day Saturday. 
 Mixer truck showed up, we poured the three anchors and base in about 45 

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