[TowerTalk] Hauling concrete.

ted demopoulos kr1g@hotmail.com
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 07:42:06 PST


You have several good suggestions.
A few comments from here:

Pumping Concrete - not necessarily an option. I live about an hours drive 
North from Boston, and no one pumps concrete here - no one has the 
equipment. And getting someone to come up from the Boston area is very 

I rented a tractor ( a "Teramite") to dig holes and move the concrete from 
the concrete truck to the holes. Everything was in the thick woods, where I 
had spent much of the summer getting in shape by clearing land :)

Had a road made to the tower site, could easily drive my Ford Explorer right 
too it - so allegedly easy access.

Digging holes went fine, although the ground got a bit muddy from the 
tractor and a big rain a couple of *weeks* ago.

The Tractor filed with concrete got so heavy that it kept getting stuck in 
the mud! Couldn't even get it to the base anymore or the far guyanchor hole. 
BTW, the tractor driver did know what he was doing.
We filles about 1 1/2 guy holes with the tractor.

So, to end up the story, two of us moved about 2-3 yards of concrete thru 
fairly heavy mud, using planks for the wheel of the wheelbarrel.
We ended shortly after dark!

So, if you use a wheelbarrel, even on nice smooth level ground, it is HEAVY 
work. If you're a couch potato forget it. If pumping is available in your 
area, probably a good option. If you can somehow drive it there (motorized 
whatever), fine too.


Ted, KR1G

PS: I didn't mention other problems. The tractor broke at one point and we 
wasted time repairing it. The Concrete Truck was very late as well.

>From: Clint Heffner <clintone@worldnet.att.net>
>To: towertalk@contesting.com
>Subject: [TowerTalk] Hauling concrete.
>Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 22:31:00 -0400
>Anybody know a good way to get concrete off of the truck and into my
>Back of the house is 60' from the street, have a maximum of 6'(more like
>5 usable) off property on each side of the house.
>After getting to the back of the house I need to go 35' in(90 degrees to
>get to the center of the back of the house).
>Talked to some people about doing it with a bobcat, but the load ratings
>aren't really that great, still talking a lot of trips.
>Anyone use a concrete pump truck? Thoughts? Prices?
>Clint -- kf8mz
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