[TowerTalk] Stainless Bolts and Nuts on Tower

Bob Perring perring@texas.net
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 10:56:48 -0600

At 10:41 11/12/99 , Bill Putney wrote:
>Whats the solution to the mystery of the two different sized bolts? 
>This was
>probabily illumintated before but I missed it.
I don't think this was covered by anybody, but I suppose, that for 
some, it might just go to add extra assurance that, despite the use of 
mail and female tube size differences, one is not still trying to mount 
tower sections upside down to one another.
I suppose.
I dunno.
Thats' quite a question, and well beyond the scope of my meager 
abilities to even allow me to fathom making a guess at the answer.


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