[TowerTalk] Re: [Yaesu] G-800S problem SOLVED!

Ted Sarah w8tts@gwis.com
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 21:34:33 +0000

Hi Jack, Bruce, Jim & all,

Well the problem with the Yaesu G-800S rotor, where the pointer on the control
box moved 20 degrees every time the 2M packet radio transmitted, has been

I tried most of the suggestions that were tossed out and thanks for all those
ideas.  Couldn't really separate the leads coming down the tower, as everything
is on a hazer and the cables come down a follower line.  I tried the torids, no
difference.  I tried the caps on the control leads to ground, no difference.  I
redid all the grounds in the shack and it helped a little.

Then I tried the simplest thing, I removed the ground on the 110 line to the
rotor power line and, bingo no more movement when the 2M transmitted.  Go

73 - Ted - W8TTS

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