[TowerTalk] What is "normal" soil?

Curtis, David B david.b.curtis@intel.com
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:36:00 -0700

The Rohn catalog talks about "normal" soil.  
What is "normal"? What is a simple, cheap test that I can do to see if I
have "normal" soil? Is this something that can be done as a slump test?

Then, of course, that leads to the question: if my soil is NOT normal, what
is the right way to engineer guy anchors and tower bases? (Please, no
"overbuild till it looks good to the eyeball" or "it works for me" answers.
I'm interested in the engineering answer. My mama paid good money for this
engineering degree, and by golly I'm going to use it :-)

73, Dave N6NZ

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