[TowerTalk] 80m Buzzsaw

David Padrick w6anr@jps.net
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 07:54:20 -0700


I was operating at W6KW's ranch about a month ago using the big 80m
yagi. I have heard that sound for some time here on the west coast
always starting at 6:00 local time. I rotated the beam and it peaks at
60-70 degrees from here. One week later I was W6ZJ's and again rotated
his yagi and saw the same direction. Interesting your hearing it out of
the NW.
The buzz is a pulse (square wave) with very wide side bands similar to
the old Russian woodpecker. Sounds allot like an over the horizon radar.
It's also interesting that it's coming out of a day light path here.
Good luck with the new 4 square and we will be looking forward to
hearing you on during this coming long path season.

73,  David  W6ANR

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