[TowerTalk] LMR400 rotor loop

John Langdon jlangdon@outer.net
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:54:38 -0500

The LMR400 will not hold up well in that application.  Since the loop is
short and a small fraction of the overall attenuation along the feed line, I
use a mechanically strong coax that can hold up.  I have had good luck with
"Buryflex" for loops.  It is in itself a low loss cable and unless your run
is 300 ft or more, it might make sense to use Buryflex for the whole run.
See http://www.davisrf.com/ham1/coax.htm#buryflex for more info.

73 John N5CQ

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After lurking (and learning) on this list for several years, I have a
specific question needing the advice of the list. As part of the 'summer'
antenna rebuild, I'm replacing the coax to the beam with LMR400. Is LMR400
flexible enough to be used as the rotor loop or should I use a coax with a
stranded center conductor for the rotor loop? I worry that the solid center
conductor of LMR400 won't take the flexing. Any experience or advice?

FWIW: The antenna is a C4S on an AB-577 mast

Mike N4GU

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