[TowerTalk] Need source of steel tubing

Thomas Cook tacookfam@exotrope.net
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 21:14:18 -0400


Does anyone know where *short* sections (3 feet long) of 2" ID x 0.25"
wall steel tubing can be bought??  It **is** made and is a fairly common
size but distributors don't want to talk with you unless it is at least
a $500 order.  Phone calls over the past couple of weeks have yielded
only irritation & frustration.  Alloys of 4130, 1026 are fine and even
1020 steel would probably work OK.  Welded or DOM (drawn over mandrel)
are not a concern either.  Can't use schedule 80 pipe; has too small an
ID (1.936"); needs to be the 2".

Time for decent wx is growing short!


Tom - WA2BPE

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