[TowerTalk] Big Grip Help

W4nf@aol.com W4nf@aol.com
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 12:47:57 EDT

I'm using the 1/4" big grips with the 1/4" EHS so it has a yellow mark.  
According to my invoice from Texas Towers I purchased 42  1/4" PREF BIG GRIP 
BG2144.  The part numbers for the Phillystran type big grips all start with 
the letters "PLP" in their catalog so I'm sure I'm using the right grips with 
the EHS. Based on the inputs I've received I will recut 5' pieces of 1/4" EHS 
to come off the tower before going into the 27' non resonant lengths.   

Thanks and 73, Jack W4NF

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